Polese, A., R. Turaeva and R. Urinboyev (eds.) (2020) Informality and Mobility in Eastern Europe: People, Spaces, Movements. London: Palgrave

16th May 2019

The main goals of the current volume are to: 1. Provide further empirical evidence on the existence, performance and persistence of mobility-related informal practices. In particular, we are interested in what informal practices are boosted by the new opportunities provided by increased mobility at a country, region and global level 2. Explore the relationship between mobility patterns and informal practices to consolidate a sub-field of informality studies and contribute to a broader understanding of informal practices in Eastern Europe and the former USSR

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Governance Beyond the Law: The Immoral, The Illegal, The Criminal

3rd April 2019

We see a continuous line between informal and unrecorded practices all the way up to illegal and criminal onesAfter all, what is legal in a state is not always illegal in another. And what is considered “moral” in an environment, is not necessarily moral everywhere, or elsewhere.

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