19th July 2019 Thursday,5:41 AM

Encountering Deceptions of Development(s): Exploring the Practices and Knowledge in the Global South (IUAES/University of Florianopolis)

Panel at the IUAES 2018, Florianopolis, Brasil

Coordinators: Amiya Kumar Das, Abel Polese, Anna Romanowicz

Abstract: Since long development, or better a normative understanding of what development should be, has been uncritically considered as panacea to all sorts of social and political problem in various parts of the world. Critical views, often grounded on empirical studies showing the limits of this approach (Escobar 1994), have shifted attention on the fact that resistances and counter narratives, from the Global South as well as from the Western world itself, feed a series of challenges to the initially understanding of development. 
In particular, a possible effect of neoliberal persuasive agendas has been to shift attention away from the social responsibility of the state and citizens have to struggle to find a way to survive despite of beyond the state (Polese et al 2017). This panel comes in response to the above tendency and we invite contributors to explore the local knowledge in development practice and to examine how it encounters the hegemonic notion of developmental paradigm. 
With this panel we seek to understand various formal and informal approaches to produce nuanced knowledge that can help develop critical ideas on how to better engage with development practice in various areas of the world. We expect, with this panel, to foster a dialogue on the development ideas and practice encountered by various communities in the global south. This would also delve into issues pertaining to people in their everyday life in the developing world.