Ainoura Sagynbaeva has been working in research-related activities for more than 20 years including Dean’s position at the American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic. She holds a PhD in Sociology, Education and Culture from the Moscow State University. She held multiple internships in several universities and organizations in the USA, Japan and Poland. She has launched her own businesses including “SIAR research& consulting” LLC ( operating throughout Central Asia and Mongolia, “STEPPE LEARNING KG” by Dyned (, a franchisee of Global Intellect service. She is the founder of several NGOs including “Women’s Forum KURAK” (, mission of which is to support women’s entrepreneurship. Ainoura Sagynbaeva is a regional ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) celebrated at the United Nations. Her research interests include Youth& Education (“Kyrgyzstan: Successful youth – successful country” National Human Development Report (2009), “Promoting youth inclusion for a more prosperous Asia-Pacific” (2015-2016); the Development of small and medium enterprises (The study of small and medium enterprises (2003, 2009). She has led a number of research projects for WB, EBRD and other international donors, international research agencies and the US universities including Michigan State University, Harvard University and Indiana University.